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Bo Jackson is one of the most famous Nike athletes in professional football and baseball paired with work ethic and athleticism made Bo Jackson Shoes the most popular style of Nike Training.Bo Jackson Shoes x Nike Lunar TR1 “Bo Bikes Bama”. As a native of Alabama, the recent string of tornados that hit the area hit multi-sport athlete Bo Jackson pretty hard. Bo has decided to help out and will bike across the state (300 miles) to help raise $1 million for the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund to assist with the recovery. Several other athletes have decided to join Bo on his journey, including Ken Griffey Jr., Scottie Pippen, Lance Armstrong, and Picabo Street.In addition to the ride, Bo Jackson will be wearing four special colorways of the Nike LunarTR1 shoes decorated incolors commemorating his success across sports and contributions to his college and pro teams. Following Bo’s ride across the state, there will be an April 28th event at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre where Bo, victims’ families, ride sponsors, survivors and supporters will gather to celebrate those affected by the disaster. At the amphitheatre, there will be an on-site auction to raise additional funds for the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund. The special Nike LunarTR1 shoes will beauctioned at this event. These versions of the Bo Jackson shoes will not be available outside of the auction.

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